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    The Arun Narke Foundation believes in hardworking, positive attitude and indomitable spirit. Arun Narke Foundation is well acquainted with students as one of the institutions that have been guiding youths who are looking for the bright career. The institution makes the youths aware of present challenges in the field of Competitive Exam and makes them Competent to face the same effectively in the world of globalization. “Starts from where you are With what you have Make something of it And never be satisfied”

    Arun Narke foundation has been imparting qualitative education to develop the personality of the students. “Be a part of ARUN NARKE FOUNDATION to flourish your life like a flower and to aspire your goal like a bee".

  • Amol Kamble
    Kendriy Vidhyalay (Govt.Of India) (Teacher)
  • Vikram Kamble
    Kendriy Vidhyalay (Govt.Of India) (Teacher)
  • Charushila Pathade
    Andhra Bank (Clerk)
  • Abhijeet Chougale
    Karnataka Bank (Clerk)
  • Rahul Patil
    Kolhapur (Police)
  • Amol Kumbhar
  • Ashok Patil
    Kolhapur (Police)
  • Rajiv Savant
    Kolhapur (Police)
  • Tanvirahamad Desai
    BOI (Clerk)
  • Jyoti Mane
    MPSC (Tax Assistant)
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  • Good staff and ANF helps to seek quality in our self Along with regular teaching, group discussions,presentations , quiz competition boosted my confidence.It helped me a lot to face an interview.

    - Rohit Khot. (ICICI Bank)

  • One of the well reputed organisation in Kolhapur. I feel very much proud to be a student of this foundation. ANF is doing extra-ordinarily well in teaching,training to students to achieve their goals

    - Sachin Yamgar.(ANF-Nagala Park)

  • I would like to thank ANF team for taking so much efforts for our development.

    - Priyanka Chopde

  • I have completed my course in only three Months because of all this facilities they gave to me you can take advantage of this.

    - VInayak Magdum (B.D.O)

  • I would like to thank ARUN NARKE FOUNDATION and especially to ail my friends Whose Contribution to my progress is unforgettable

    - Dipak Desai

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